Pegasus FCTG Batteries

Pegaus FCTG Batteries are easy to use and install front terminal Gel batteries. They offer high energy density with an excellent discharging ability. They also boast being environmental, non-polluting, safe & reliable batteries.


Easy installing & Saving Space
With front access terminals, it’s easy to install and take voltage readings during service.

High Energy Density
It offers high reliability and delivers superior performance while occupying less space and increasing energy density.

Electrolyte Uniform Distribution
Gel series battery is manufactured with high-quality gaseous silica to make the electrolyte in uniform

No Leakage
Curdled gaseous silica used in Gel batteries can immobilize the electrolyte and make the plates react evenly.

Excellent Discharging Ability
Radial grid design & tight assembly technology ensures an excellent high-rate discharge performance

Low Self Discharge
Using high purity raw materials and gel electrolyte ensures MCA batteries have less self-discharge.

Environmental & Non-polluting
Gas Recombination technology ensures the battery high seal reacting rate, which can prevent the acid fog from separating out.

Safe & Reliable
Efficient venting system automatically release excess gas when the pressure rises above the normal level & reseals the valves when it returns to the normal rate, which can protect the battery from bursting.


  • Communication Systems: Switch, Microwave Stations, Mobile Base Stations, Data Centers, Radio and Broadcasting Stations
  • Power Plants & Power Transmission Systems
  • Solar & Wind Power Generation Systems
  • Signal System & Emergency Lighting Systems
  • EPS & UPS Systems


Model Nominal
Dimension(mm/Kg[(±5%)]) Terminal Layout
Length Width Height Total Height Weight
FCTG12-55 12 55/20HR 278 106 223 223 17.0 T2 C
FCTG12-80 12 80/20HR 562 114 188 188 28.5 T3 C
FCTG12-100 12 100/20HR 508 110 227 227 32.0 T5 C
FCTG12-110 12 110/20HR 394 110 285 285 34.0 T5 C
FCTG12-125 12 125/20HR 550 110 240 240 40.0 T5 C
FCTG12-160 12 160/20HR 550 110 287 287 47.0 T5 C
FCTG12-170 12 170/20HR 561 125 316 316 56.0 T5 C

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