Pegasus GFMG Batteries

Pegasus GFMG batteries offer a wide selection of features which make it ideal for the European market place and has an elegant look. It comes with a long service life, longer float service life and low self discharge. It is environmental, non-polluting, safe and reliable.


Electrolyte Uniform Distribution
Gel series battery is manufactured with high-quality gaseous silica to make the electrolyte in uniform distribution.

No Leakage
Curdled gaseous silica used in Gel batteries can immobilize the electrolyte and make the plates react evenly.

Excellent Discharging Ability
Tight assembly technology ensures an excellent high-rate discharge performance.

Longer Service Life
Unique plate elongating self absorbed technology can effectively prolong the service life.

Longer Float Service Life
A unique corrosion-resistant grid alloy & special lead paste formulations ensures the batteries have excellent recovering ability upon over discharging and longer float service life.

Low Self Discharge
Using high purity raw materials and gel electrolyte ensures MCA batteries have less self-discharge.

Environmental & Non-polluting
Gas Recombination technology ensures the battery high seal reacting rate, which can prevent the acid fog from separating out.

Safe & Reliable
Efficient venting system automatically release excess gas when the pressure rises above the normal level & reseals the valves when it returns to the normal rate, which can protect the battery from bursting.


  • Communication Systems: Switch, Microwave Stations, Mobile Base Stations, Data Centers, Radio and Broadcasting Stations
  • Power Plants & Power Transmission Systems
  • Solar & Wind Power Generation Systems
  • Signal System & Emergency Lighting Systems
  • EPS & UPS Systems


Model Nominal
Dimension(mm/Kg[(±5%)]) Terminal Layout
Length Width Height Total Height Weight
GFMG-200 2 200/10HR 172 110 330 367 13.4 T5 G
GFMG-300 2 300/10HR 172 150 330 365 19.1 T5 G
GFMG-400 2 400/10HR 211 175 330 368 26.7 T5 H
GFMG-500 2 500/10HR 241 172 330 366 31.2 T5 H
GFMG-600 2 600/10HR 301 175 330 368 38.2 T5 H
GFMG-800 2 800/10HR 411 175 330 365 53.4 T5 I
GFMG-1000 2 1000/10HR 474 175 328 366 62.5 T5 I
GFMG-1500 2 1500/10HR 401 347 342 378 101.0 T5 J
GFMG-2000 2 2000/10HR 490 349 342 383 131.0 T5 K
GFMG-3000 2 3000/10HR 711 353 342 383 201.0 T5 K


GFMG Terminals

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