Market Insight – BSH Secures Supply Chain

The past twenty or so months have been tough for many aspects of our industry. The pandemic, shipping delays caused by the Suez Canal disaster and Brexit have affected some of the largest and most well-known battery manufactures. As a result, weaknesses in global supply chains have been exposed.

As manufactures suffer catastrophic shortages, Battery Service Hub (BSH) are able to supply their customers with alternatives from their own Pegasus range. For many of BSH’s customers, including essential operations like the emergency services, having access to a full range of battery technology is crucial. Where large manufacturers aren’t able to supply the demand, BSH resolve the shortages with the Pegasus product which fulfils the vast majority of requirements.

Over the pandemic, the Pegasus range has grown and now includes Lithium, Sealed Gel, AGM, and Tubular technology. Below, we’ve compared the cost per cycle (CPC) of a flat plate product (the Trojan T-105) against the Pegasus Tubular equivalent.

The tubular product (green) outperforms the flat plate Trojan product (red) considerably. The Pegasus tubular battery is capable of up to 1200 cycles and, as a result, each cycle costs £0.11, compared to the Trojans £0.15 per cycle – that’s a 36% reduction in cost.

The tubular product ensures your equipment keeps working for longer and reduces down-time due to charging. Due to the premium cost of the tubular product, in the past, customers have often been put off the tubular product in a favour of the flat plate product; however, BSH are seeing more customers choose the tubular batteries because the total cost of ownership (TOC) benefits out-weigh the initial cost.

Our battery experts work with our customers to find the right power solution for their needs. The BSH team work to create a bespoke package of products and services that not only provide the most efficient source of energy but are also cost effective and suitable for the application.

As the U.K and Irelands industrial battery and charger specialist, we offer customers the best product and the best service; our independence is our customers guarantee of quality.

For more information, advice, or a bespoke quote, please contact our friendly battery experts.

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