Battview II

Additional information

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Real-time communication between Quantum charger and ACTview to optimise forklift battery performance.

Smart industrial battery monitoring, brought to you by Battery Service Hub UK.

Key Features & Benefits

Unlocking Real-time Communication

  • Experience a new era of lead-acid battery management with Battview. Utilize its real-time, two-way communication between Quantum chargers and ACTview to assure your warranty, and access operational logs and detailed battery performance data. This feature streamlines lead-acid battery management, providing exceptional control.

Empower Efficiency through Analytics

  • Maximize battery fleet performance with comprehensive data analysis. Dive into battery utilization patterns and performance metrics to extract valuable information that boosts efficiency. Battview equips you with knowledge for informed decisions, and optimising productivity.

Agile Integration for Management

  • Seamlessly connect Battview with the ACTview and ACTintelligent ecosystem. This integration enables automated data uploads, remote monitoring, diagnostics, and firmware updates. Your battery management becomes agile and responsive, maintaining peak efficiency.