Save with Lithium

Have you considered Lithium?

We all know that Lithium batteries are lighter than their lead acid equivalents, but what other benefits do Lithium batteries offer?

Efficient charging

Lithium batteries charge considerably faster than traditional lead acid batteries which increases productivity rates. Lithium batteries have a different chemistry to lead acid batteries which enables them to accept a faster rate of current which in turn replaces lost energy more quickly. Lithium batteries are, on average, 30% more energy-efficient than their lead-acid counterparts.


The 120Ah Pegasus Lithium battery (and 120A Lithium charger) vs the lead acid equivalent, a Rolls 6-FS-GC-HC X4 (and a standard lead acid charger).

Pegasus 120Ah Lithium X2 (24v 240Ah) & Lithium Charger 6-FS-GC-HC X4 (24V 235Ah)
Charging Time 2 hours 10 hours
Weight 52kg 116kg
Cycles >1500 cycles 700 cycles
Opportunity Charging Yes No

The Lithium battery and accompanying charger unit reduces down-time considerably, making your machines and operation more productive.

Service Life

The batteries in the Pegasus Lithium battery range offer, on average, more than double the life cycle of lead-acid batteries. The total cost of ownership (TCO) of Lithium batteries is often significantly less than lead acid batteries. The example below shows example costs over 10 years.

Of course, all machines and applications vary; the calculation below is based on average usage. This calculation assumes that each machine operates from full to flat once a day, 5 days a week, every year equalling 260 cycles per year.

Pegasus 120Ah Lithium x(2) 6-FS-GC-HC X4 (24V 235Ah)
Upfront Cost £2,200 + VAT £507.28 + £180 autofill and pumpot = £687.25 + VAT
Maintenance Cost (Per Year) £0 £250
Service Life 5.8 Years = £2,200 2.7 Years = £1,362.25
Total Cost Over 10 Years £3,793.10 + VAT £5,045.37 + VAT

These cost examples are just for one machine; if you have multiple machines, the possible savings are considerable.


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