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Welcome to Battery Service Hub Limited, a leading supplier of industrial batteries, industrial battery chargers and pioneers in the new generation of fast-charge solutions. Our product range is comprehensive. Our availability is impressive. And our battery knowledge is unmatched.

BSH provides traction batteries and 2-volt cells for motive power and fleet environments as well as an extensive range of batteries for use in telecoms, standby power, solar/renewable power installations and industrial applications.

Our chargers range from standard 50Hz units for wet batteries to modern high-frequency units for charging large and small, wet and sealed batteries, as well as new fast-charge solutions.

BSH batteries and charging solutions are ideal for use with forklift trucks, floor cleaning machines, access platforms, electric vehicles, and countless other applications where the use of high-performance deep cycle battery equipment is imperative.

Go Green

We value Green credentials. We also value performance. That’s why our modern sealed batteries are not just used in solar/renewable applications but also in traditional motive power and traction environments. Conventional wet (lead-acid) traction batteries and 2-volt cells have ruled this market. But that’s changing as sealed (gel/AGM) batteries offer great performance, long life expectancy, efficient charging profiles and are maintenance free; they never need topping up.

Buy or Rent

BSH supplies batteries and chargers on a sales or rental basis. We are always happy to discuss volume purchases or rentals for UK and international customers. Our extensive manufacturing network and logistic infrastructure means that we can ship from the production line to site in one simple step.

Fast Charging Expertise & Intelligent Solutions

Fast charging is a rapidly growing requirement to enable continued productivity in all areas of motive power, particularly in Electric Vehicles. Fast charging is becoming imperative in these and other demanding sectors. Our expert battery engineering team as BSH partners in development programmes with the industry’s leading charging scientists and electronic product specialists. We now provide multiple high-productivity charging solutions that deliver practical and agile fast-charge options.

We are problem solvers. For advice, support or further product details, browse this website or call our UK office on +44(0)1858 433008 to speak to a member of our experienced team.

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