Access Platforms

Many access platforms, often known as scissor lifts, use high-performance 6-volt and 12-volt traction batteries. The rest rely on combustion engines and hydraulics. BSH supplies a range of products to fit every budget and technical requirement. Our traction batteries are especially known for their robust dependability when long working times are needed and are referred to as ‘old reliable’ in the industry.

Access Platform Batteries

BSH offers specialist high-performance, large-capacity traction batteries for all access platform applications. The range includes tubular plate batteries for longevity, gel and AGM sealed batteries where maintenance is an issue, or a clean environment is essential, and wet flat plate where budget is key. The high-performance and long life-expectancy provided by all these robust products is standard across our 6-volt (L16 equivalent) and 12-volt traction battery range.

Wet Monobloc Batteries for Access Platforms

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AGM/VRLA Batteries for Access Platforms

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A discharged battery serves no purpose without a charger to return it to full capacity. Ask us about our IP67-rated fully-waterproof charger options.

Batteries for lifts

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