Access Platform and Scissor Lift Batteries

Many access platforms, including scissor lifts and cherry pickers, use high-performance 6-volt and 12-volt traction batteries. They place a high demand on the battery due to the nature of the application, so a hard-working battery is essential to prevent downtime.

Battery Service Hub offer specialist high-performance, large-capacity traction batteries for all access platform applications and budgets. Our traction batteries are especially known for their robust dependability when long working times are needed.

Access Platform Battery Range

Our range includes tubular plate batteries for longevity, gel and AGM sealed batteries where maintenance is an issue, or a clean environment is essential, and wet flat plate where budget is key. The high performance and long life expectancy provided by all these robust products is standard across our 6-volt (L16 equivalent) and 12-volt traction battery range.

Browse our full range of access platform batteries below or contact us if you have any questions and our experienced team will be happy to help.

Wet Monobloc Batteries for Access Platforms

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AGM/VRLA Batteries for Access Platforms

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Choosing the Right Battery for Your Access Platform

Selecting the best type of battery for your access platform will ensure that you get maximum runtime for your machine:

  • There are a number of different types of Battery that can be fitted to Access Platforms.
  • Ensuring the correct weight is essential to meet the requirements of the equipment.
  • Flat plate Batteries such as our Rolls range give long life at 700 cycles and the right performance.
  • Tubular plate Batteries like our Pegasus range are ideal for long term rentals as the cycle life is 1200 cycles, making it the right choice when comparing the price to cycle life.
  • AGM and Gel Batteries are becoming more popular due to the fact they do not require topping.
  • They are completely sealed and are ideal for where an environment needs the cleanest of equipment.

Battery Chargers

Battery Service Hub also offers a range of battery chargers and can advise on the best option for your battery. View our battery chargers here or get in touch to speak to our experienced team about the right options for your access platforms.

Batteries for lifts

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