Solar & Renewables

Supporting, engaging with and helping to drive projects that use renewable energy is high on the Battery Service Hub agenda. We provide high-quality batteries and 2-volt cells that enable the power drawn from renewable sources to be stored for use efficiently without rapid loss or deterioration. Clean and environmentally-friendly power solutions are now common place in today’s societies. We are proud to support the clean energy revolution with a selection of clean energy battery and cell products that are fit for this unique modern purpose.


Renewable solutions that use batteries or cells to store generated energy include photovoltaic (solar) installations and small turbine (wind) installations, as well as small-scale home and DIY renewable projects where collected energy is not fully returned to the grid but is stored for later use.

Battery Service Hub 2-volt solar power cells are state-of-the-art 2V cells designed to offer long life, high performance and to be highly cost effective. They require minimal maintenance and subsequently exhibit minimal downtime. This is a great solution for many types of renewable power storage needs, electric vehicle (renewable or otherwise) motive power, or just where power and performance is key. We offer one of the largest size and specification ranges of any 2V cell supplier in Europe.

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2 Volt Cell Batteries for Solar & Renewables

Wet British Standard Solar & Renewables Batteries

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Wet DIN Standard Solar & Renewables Batteries

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Gel British Standard Solar & Renewables Batteries

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Gel DIN Standard Solar & Renewables Batteries

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AGM/VRLA Solar & Renewables Batteries

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Gel Monobloc Solar & Renewables Batteries

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Monoblock Tubular Plate Solar & Renewables Batteries

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Solar Power 2 Volt Cell Charge/Discharge Data

Charge and discharge information for wet tubular 2 volt cells from the extensive range of BSH solar power 2 volt cells.

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Solar Batteries

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