Electric Vehicle Batteries

Electric Vehicles (EVs) represent a bold new frontier for the provision of battery-based power in consumer automotive circles. These modern cars are pushing the boundaries of capacity and rapid charging capabilities, as well as critical intrinsic safety requirements. But EVs have been around for a long time in many industrial industry sectors – from milk floats to hospital transport and localised general delivery vehicles, and we have experience of them all.

In particular, we offer unique expertise in electric vehicle battery solutions for the growing number of industrial EVs in warehousing centres. Giant distribution hubs are increasingly common, thanks in part to changing online shopping habits. Gas or fossil fuel-powered equipment is undesirable in these indoor environments. In contrast, our fast charge traction battery solutions provide practical and productive alternatives, allowing batteries to be used dependably. We offer a comprehensive range of latest-generation deep cycle, high-capacity electric vehicle batteries batteries expressly designed for this purpose.

Passenger cars

Our commitment to effective solutions for modern electric passenger vehicles (and emerging commercial road haulage vehicles) is highlighted by strategic partnerships with key charger manufacturers. These relationships with these OEM’s of specialist fast chargers enable us to stay ahead to develop when looking to specify Fast Charge systems for roadside use, as well as deployment in Airport Ground Support and Distribution Centres.

Our Range Of Electric Vehicle Batteries Includes:

2 Volt Cell Motive Power Batteries

Wet British Standard Batteries for Electric Vehicles

See all Wet British Standard

Wet DIN Standard for Electric Battery Vehicles

See all Wet DIN Standard

Gel British Standard Batteries for Electric Vehicles

See all Gel British Standard

Gel DIN Standard Batteries for Electric Vehicles

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Wet Monobloc Batteries for Electric Vehicles

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AGM/VRLA Electric Vehicles Batteries

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Gel Monobloc Batteries for Electric Vehicles

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Electric Vehicle Batteries

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