Marine Batteries

Batteries for all sorts of vessels and craft are vital for starting engines, powering electrical instrumentation and for reliable performance in general. Whether an enthusiast’s personal watercraft or a commercial freighter, our expertise in marine batteries delivers the correct battery for every application.

Boats put special demands on battery power, with different battery types featuring different characteristics and costs. Engine starting batteries need to deliver high peak current. Our deep cycle batteries provide long-term continuous power. While leisure batteries are designed to retain charge even when unused for long periods.

Sonnenschein gel batteries are well suited for demanding marine applications, providing long life and premium functional reliability even in arduous environments. As well as battery power for commercial and industrial vessels, we supply batteries for narrowboats, sailing craft, electric watercraft and outboards, jetskis and other personal watercraft, flybridge and sports cruisers, and even superyachts.

Buoys & Waterway Signals

It’s not just boats that need dependable battery technology. Navigation buoys and marine signals need power and often the ability to accept intermittent charging currents from wind, wave or solar generators. Not forgetting lighthouses, whose requirements for battery backup power are critical.

Charging Marine Batteries

At Battery Service Hub, our expertise extends to intelligent charging technology that’s ideal for every battery power application. We offer a variety of options for marine battery charging, each designed to suit the unique way these power sources are used.

marine batteries

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