DIN Standard 2 Volt Cells (Gel)

All our traction battery cells come in 3 formats, Gel Standard being one of them. These cells are all the same width with multiple height, length & weight specifications to enable a perfect fit for a range of standard & renewable/green applications.

ModelPlatesCapacity in AhDimensions (mm)Weight
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C5C10C100LengthWidthHeightTotal Height
2 EPzV 1102110121168471983423528.9View details
3 EPzV 16531651822526519834235212.7View details
4 EPzV 22042202423378319834235216.3View details
5 EPzV 275527530342110119834235220View details
6 EPzV 330633036350511919834235223.8View details
7 EPzV 385738542458913719834235227.5View details
8 EPzV 440844048467315519834235231.5View details
2 EPzV 14021401542144719840241211View details
3 EPzV 21032102313216519840241215.7View details
4 EPzV 28042803084288319840241220.2View details
5 EPzV 350535038553610119840241224.7View details
6 EPzV 420642046264311919840241229.3View details
7 EPzV 490749053975013719840241234View details
8 EPzV 560856061685715519840241238.9View details
2 EPzV 16021601762454719846247213View details
3 EPzV 24032402643676519846247218.6View details
4 EPzV 32043203524908319846247224View details
5 EPzV 400540044061210119846247229.3View details
6 EPzV 480648052873411919846247235.6View details
7 EPzV 560756061685713719846247240View details
8 EPzV 640864070497915519846247246.2View details
2 EPzV 19021902092914719852553513.5View details
3 EPzV 28532853144366519852553519.5View details
4 EPzV 38043804185818319852553525.5View details
5 EPzV 475547552372710119852553531.5View details
6 EPzV 570657062787211919852553537.5View details
7 EPzV 6657665732101713719852553543.5View details
8 EPzV 760876015519852553549.9View details
2 EPzV 20022002203064719855356315.2View details
3 EPzV 30033003304596519855356322.1View details
4 EPzV 40044004406128319855356328.4View details
5 EPzV 500550055076510119855356334.8View details
6 EPzV 600660066091811919855356341.1View details
7 EPzV 7007720770107113719855356347.8View details
8 EPzV 8008800880122415519855356354View details
2 EPzV 22022204719859260216.8View details
3 EPzV 33033306519859260223.8View details
4 EPzV 44044408319859260231.8View details
5 EPzV 550555010119859260238.8View details
6 EPzV 660666011919859260245.9View details
7 EPzV 770777013719859260253View details
8 EPzV 880888015519859260260.8View details
2 EPzV 24022402643674719867268217View details
3 EPzV 36033603965516519867268224.6View details
4 EPzV 48044805287348319867268232.7View details
5 EPzV 600560066091810119867268240.9View details
6 EPzV 7206720792110211919867268247.2View details
7 EPzV 8407840924128513719867268254.5View details
8 EPzV 96089601056146915519867268261.9View details
2 EPzV 26022604719871072018.7View details
3 EPzV 39033906519871072026.4View details
4 EPzV 52045208319871072034.3View details
5 EPzV 650565010119871072042View details
6 EPzV 780678011919871072049.7View details
7 EPzV 910791013719871072057.5View details
8 EPzV 10408104015519871072065.7View details

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