FastCharge Solution

With FastCharge battery chargers from Battery Service Hub Ltd you can improve productivity and reduce operating costs while creating a greener, safer work environment. Suitable for inside & outside work environments, now even available for charging in the chiller.


Eliminate battery changing, say goodbye to downtime, and reduce inventory to one battery for every truck in most circumstances. Keep the battery in the truck, where it belongs – keeping the vehicle productive and recharge during scheduled breaks, lunches and shift changes.


By eliminating battery changing, your employees no longer have to handle heavy batteries or risk cross plant traffic accidents while driving to the battery room. In addition, fewer batteries mean less hazardous material in your facility.


With more than 10,000 charging stations delivered, FastCharge systems have a proven track record of prolonging battery life. We have many examples of customer batteries that have been in service for more than five years in a fast charge application, as well as a heavy-duty auto manufacturing customer who owned fast-charges batteries that retained 92% of their rated capacity after three hardworking years.




What Sets FastCharge Apart?

The FastCharge range of battery chargers comes with advanced technologies embedded – all there to deliver tangible benefits to our customers.


Our system architecture, accessories, and approach to applications engineering are focused on three things: keeping your operations running, making your batteries last, and doing it all at an optimum cost to your operation. The closed-loop charge control of our fast-charge line help make the most of your operations.


Our hands-free automatic watering system waters the battery at just the right time and to the right levels to ensure maximum battery health. The system also eliminates battery overflow that can be harmful to your employees and compromise your operations.


Our higher output lines enable you to mix charges throughout the facility, so that any vehicle in the fleet can use any FastCharge model without worrying about the damage to the battery.


The Plug-n-Charge kit simplifies truck integration by eliminating the need for truck modifications. The ultimate in in-vehicle charging usability and safety, Plug-n-Charge also automatically disconnects the drive system when the charger is plugged in, preventing drive away issues.


Our proprietary system combines smart battery management, cellular wireless communication, and user-friendly software to give you the latest in data based fleet management. Battery DCPL monitors, records, and reports the health of your battery – while also recommending rotation schedules and advising users on estimated battery life expectancy. Battery DCPL can wirelessly report warranty deviations and features data storage that can accommodate eight years of battery and charge data.


Our team is committed to fielding systems that prolong battery life so you can reduce operating costs and focus on delivering the goods. We have many examples of customer batteries in service for more than five years in fast charge applications – as well as a heavy-duty automotive manufacturing customer with fast charged batteries that retained 92% of their capacity after three years and 1,400 cycles.

FastCharge RANGE

The FastCharge are premium intelligent battery charging systems that range in power capability from 5kW for lower-duty vehicles to 30kW for the hardest working forklifts.

FastCharge offer an extensive array of features, including charger and battery data management, the Power Logger (PL), precise charging control, electrolytic thermistor, our “easy-service” modular cable system, that delivers weekly compliance without assigning specific chargers to trucks.

Our product lines feature robust and proven technology, a broad power range, multi-voltage flexibility, and value added options that can support any material handling battery regardless of type, brand, voltage or size. These systems are also fully compatible with the FastCharge DCPL system.




FastCharge Being Used Outdoors

With more than 2,000 ports delivered, FastCharge systems bring you industry leading fast charge solutions, outdoor-rated to withstand extreme conditions.

Our outdoor fast charge system is compact and well-suited for light duty airport ground support applications such as small cargo warehouses, airport operations, regional jet operations, and for charging other large electric equipment operating in a non-hub environment.


As the airlines’ preferred choice in fast and energy-efficient charging systems, FastCharge Multi-Port systems are ideal for airport applications. Out Multi-Port systems are customisable for the airport ground support equipment market.

DCPL – Your Solution for Battery Health

Battery Rx combines Advanced Battery Monitoring Module, Cellular Communication and Data Management Software to bring to you the latest in battery management, care and warranty compliance tracking.


The Advanced Battery Monitor

  • Is secured on to the battery and is used to uniquely identify the battery.
  • Lives with the battery for the rest of its life
  • Tracks and stores battery health and charge data, directly downloadable from the battery.
  • Communicates with charges and transforms your facility into a “smart fleet” operation.

Cellular Communication

  • Delivers actionable data in real time without costly infrastructure.

Data Management Software

  • Features an intuitive user interface.
  • Delivers historical reports and real time alerts.
  • Lets you view and download fleet into from the Web.
  • Helps you comply with your battery warranty.


  • Battery High and Low Temp
  • Battery High and Low Voltage
  • Battery State of Charge
  • Days since Equalization
  • Water Level
  • Number of Equivalent Cycles
  • Pack Imbalance
  • …and more

Take charge of your batteries with DCPL™.

You’re in Good Company When You Choose FastCharge

The team behind FastCharge systems serve more than 10,000 vehicles worldwide.


  • 8 of the top automotive giants worldwide.
  • 7 of food and beverage’s largest companies.
  • 15 of the Fortune and Global 500.
  • 9 of the 10 largest US airlines, with FastCharge stations in all major North American hubs.
  • FastCharge stations in operation at 5 of Australia’s major airports.


  • Winner of the Frost & Sullivan Technology Leadership Award
  • Winner of the 2005 Frost and Sullivan Customer Leadership Award
  • Winner of the 2006 Automotive News PACE Collaboration Award
  • Winner of the 2006 Automotive News PACE Award
  • Deloitte Fast 500: 500 Fastest Growth Companies, 2009
  • Featured in USA Today, LA Business Journal, BNET


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