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Battery Service Hub Ltd (BSH) is an independent industrial battery supplier and battery charger supplier that offers complete charging solutions in both OEM and aftermarket sectors.

We supply a wide range of traction batteries and motive power cells for forklift trucks, cleaning machines, access platforms and any other motive power application that needs the power and performance of industrial deep cycle monoblock batteries.

Alongside traditional traction power solutions we also provide a wide range of eco/green batteries suitable for solar power, renewable energy and electric vehicle solutions. Whether off-the-grid or for industrial power solutions in confined spaces Battery Service Hub Ltd can supply, fit and service power solutions to suit your needs.

Our batteries and battery charging solutions are commonly deployed in multiple working environments including Golf & Utility Vehicles, Access Platforms/Scissor Lifts, Cleaning Machines, Forklift Trucks, and more lately, solar/renewable power solutions.

We have more than 30 years’ experience in the UK, European and worldwide battery and battery charging markets. As an industrial battery and battery cell supplier we supply to not only the various environments listed, but also consult on and supply to projects involving specialised/custom electric vehicles, off-grid power supplies, telecoms, UPS, standby power and solar power installations.

As the UK/Ireland industrial battery and battery charging sector specialists, we are able to provide a complete package of batteries and battery chargers, along with nationwide and international servicing. We offer full support and specialist technical advice to ensure projects of any size are implemented and handled with expert care.

We work in partnership with major manufacturers; we have forged strong alliances’ in the motive power and deep cycle traction battery markets. This allows us to offer the highest quality, economical and environmentally friendly batteries and battery chargers currently available.

Our independence is your guarantee of quality and the correct solution for you.

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