Sonnenschein Batteries

Sonnenschein_logoKnown for their dryfit batteries and fantastic performance, Sonnenschein batteries are ideal for many deep cyclic applications. Contact us today to discuss your battery requirements or take a look at our full range of Sonnenschein batteries below.


Sonnenschein Dryfit Batteries

Sonnenschein dryfit batteries are compact and versatile, ideal for use in a range of deep cycle applications including solar, golf carts, mobility and marine use. They offer optimal performance with their high cyclic endurance and are maintenance free so you never need to top them up. If you need a battery that can withstand extreme operating conditions, making this range the ideal choice.

The Dryfit range is:

  • Absolutely maintenance free
  • Non-hazardous
  • Robust, safe and reliable
  • Low self discharge
  • Extremely low gassing
  • Clean and environmentally friendly

Why Choose Sonnenschein?

Sonnenschein is owned by battery manufacturing giant Exide. With over 130 years in the battery business, Exide are known for their innovation and battery technology prowess. Sonnenschein were one of the first companies to develop VRLA gel batteries and to this day they are an incredibly popular choice due to their high-quality products.

Contact the Battery Specialists

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