Gel Monobloc Batteries

We pride ourselves on being a preferred gel battery supplier, offering a range of high-quality gel batteries from both Sonnenschein and Pegasus, which are suitable for use in a wide range of leisure & deep cycle applications. The range includes 6, 8 and 12-volt gel batteries.

We also supply a full range of 2 volt cells for MHE and Floor cleaning applications, DIN and British Standard sizes.

Our team is qualified to accurately advise, recommend and quote for the correct battery to suit your needs, with great service and technical support. Contact us today to discuss your requirements or view our full range of gel batteries below.

Our Gel Monobloc Battery Range

What Applications are Gel Batteries Suitable for?

Gel batteries are similar to AGM in that they have no free-flowing liquid content as they use a gelled electrolyte, making them leakproof therefore allowing them to be fitted in any position. They have excellent capacity, support long discharges and are maintenance-free.

This makes gel batteries suitable for a range of leisure & deep cycle applications, including use as a material handling battery, floor cleaning machine battery or wheelchair battery, amongst other uses. They are also the battery of choice in renewable energy projects as they can last longer in hot weather applications than other battery types because they are more resilient to temperature variations.

Gel Battery Chargers

It is essential that gel batteries are used with the correct battery charger. Battery Service Hub also offers a range of battery chargers and can advise on the best option for your battery, often chosen as a preferred gel battery supplier with over 35 years of experience. View our battery chargers here or get in touch to speak to our experts to see how we can help you find the ideal gel battery for your requirements.