Case Study – Smarter Choice, Twice The Power

Battery Service Hub have a team of battery experts who are always eager to find smart solutions to power related issues. When a farmer called the BSH team for a quote to replace some batteries, the BSH battery experts were able to offer multiple options, including a smarter choice to provide more power.

The Application:

A 9 year old off-grid unit powered by 420Ah AGM batteries.

BSH Solutions:

  1. Like-for-like AGM
  2. An upgrade to Gel 2 volt cells with 720Ah to fit in the original space.
  3. A wet 2 volt cell option with

The wet 2 volt cell option provides twice the power the customer previously had; the batteries, which were delivered with BFS and gas extraction pipes, have been successfully fitted to the off-grid unit.


Another happy Battery Service Hub customer!

2 volt motive power cells from Battery Service Hub are designed to offer long life and high performance, making them incredibly cost-effective. These tough industrial cells require minimal maintenance which subsequently means minimal downtime; because of this, they’re the ideal solution for off-grid applications.

It’s not just off-grid applications that can benefit from these 2 volt cells; other applications include vehicles like forklift trucks, floor cleaning machines and ground support equipment. Battery Service Hub offer one of biggest size and specification ranges of any battery cell supplier throughout Europe, so whether you need a single cell or a complete battery we can help.

If you would like to find out more information about the solutions and products we offer to support your power needs, please get in touch with our friendly team of battery experts.

As the U.K and Irelands industrial battery and charger specialist, we offer customers the best product and the best service; our independence is our customers guarantee of quality.


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