Floor Care Battery Technology

To maintain clean and tidy floors, floor cleaning machines need to be in tip top condition and ready to go. Battery technology plays a major role in the effectiveness of these machines; but which technology is best?  

Cleaning machines often work long hours and travel miles every day; to keep up with this gruelling routine, floor cleaners and other compact equipment need a reliable power source. Cyclic batteries ensure these machines don’t run out of power halfway through a shift, and new battery technology ensures faster charging times. So, what battery technologies available to this market? 

The best battery technologies for floor scrubbers are deep cycles batteries. Deep cyclic technologies include AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt) and Gel. 

Gel Batteries 

Gel batteries are unique because the active material is suspended in a silica gel. Because the active material is held by the gel, the battery can be positioned in any orientation, giving users more flexibility. In addition, gel batteries have longer lifespans compared to traditional lead acid batteries and offer better cycle performance due to lower internal resistance. It’s this lower internal resistance that allows for an increased discharge and recharge current.  

Battery Service Hub are proud suppliers of the world’s number one Gel battery brand, Sonnenschein. As well as Sonnenschein gel batteries, BSH stock their own range of gel batteries, Pegasus Gel. Pegasus Gel batteries support long dischargers making them a great option for busy machines that are required to work long hours.  

AGM Batteries 

AGM batteries are most well known for being essential to power Start-Stop passenger vehicles, but they can also be utilised in industrial applications. AGM batteries use a fiberglass separator to hold electrolyte in place, because of this, AGM batteries can store more plates. Due to the tight packing of the plates, AGM batteries offer low internal resistance (lower than gel) and can output a high voltage and decrease charging time as well.  

Battery Service Hub stock a large range of sizes and capacity Pegasus AGM batteries. AGM batteries are very resilient and can maintain a heavy workload in extreme heat conditions and are a great option for applications with average cyclic duties.  

If you would like to find out more information about the solutions and products, we offer to support your power needs, please get in touch with our friendly team of battery experts. 

As the U.K and Irelands industrial battery and charger specialist, we offer customers the best product and the best service; our independence is our customers guarantee of quality. 

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