New for 2022 – Marathon Front Terminal Range.

Battery Service Hub (BSH) can now offer customers a range of Marathon AGM front terminal batteries. These maintenance free batteries are ideal for providing power to critical systems that need uninterrupted power. 

There are many applications and situations where reliable batteries are required to ensure power is backed up and essential systems are kept running. The range, consisting of 9 VRLA AGM batteries, is suitable for a number of applications, including:

  • UPS & Data Centre
  • Industrial UPS
  • Telecommunications
  • Off-Grid
  • Renewables
  • Emergency Lighting,
  • Security
  • Utility
  • Railway
  • Facilities Management

The terminals on these maintenance free batteries are located on the front making them ideal for placement in cabinets or racking; and with a 15-year (until 80% C10 at 20oC and 1.80Vpc) design life, you can install these batteries and be assured they’ll provide power when necessary. In addition to being maintenance free, Marathon M-FT batteries have a low self-discharge rate which allows for extended storage capabilities.

The Marathon M-FT range is designed for durability, high performance, and reliability. The high compression Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology enables optimal energy density which saves on floor space while providing the performance required. The whole battery, including the durable polypropylene casing, is completely recyclable. 

Battery Service Hub are experts in Industrial power and charging products; whether you require industrial power solutions for a large-scale project or for a small system, BSH’s team of technicians will be able to supply, fit and service power solutions that fit your needs.

As the UK and Irelands industrial battery and battery charging specialists, BSH can provide complete packages of batteries, chargers, UPS systems and nationwide and international servicing contracts. Our independence is your guarantee of quality and the correct solution for you.

For more information or to speak to one of our battery experts, please get in touch with our friendly team of battery and charger experts.

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