PB Flat Plate

The Pegasus PB range of traction battery/deep cycle monoblock flat plate series has advanced flat grid plates and paste formulation, giving extended service life. It is especially suited to arduous deep cycle semi traction applications and has a productive run-time.


  • Advanced separator design and paste formulation gives true 500 cycle performance.
  • Enhanced performance gives extended running times and lower maintenance.
  • Superior performance giving productive run-time.


ModelIndustry ReferenceVoltsCapacity in AhDimensions (mm)Weight
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PB6210GC2/ DT05617520217538310523426218127627LPT / UTView details
PB6225GC2 / FM505618521618544511525026218127628.6LPT / UTView details
PB6240GC2 / FM525619523019548813226726218127630.7LPT / UTView details
PB6245DIN 91801620023520050013527324419127631LPTView details
PB6260GC2H / FM545621525021553014528926218129533LPT/ UTView details
PB6330J305625331725371119536831518036844UTView details
PB6420L16634440434485022046831518041552UTView details
RS70DTBCI/70DT12454520818021012.5LPTView details
PB1210527TMX/H1282101821754511732417524526DTView details
PB121151295111952005112832417524528DTView details
PB12150DDIN 96151121101351102606015634517028536APView details
PB12150FM5275121201441202807016732718127637LPT / UTView details
PB12205J185P1216819716838010422939417837852UTView details
PB1280DIN 9560212677767133348927817519020APView details
PB128524TMX12708270140369528017124521DTView details
PB8170GC8 / T87581451631452967519026418127629LPT / UTView details


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