PB Tubular

The Pegasus PB range of traction battery/deep cycle monoblock tubular series consists of robust tubular positive plate with free electrolyte to ensure a long operating life. These traction batteries offer a premium level of performance as well as a premium life expectancy.


  • Premium tubular plate construction for robust 1200 cycle performance.
  • Maximum performance giving best possible run-times in the heaviest duty applications.
  • Extended performance and run time for maximum performance.

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Deep Cycle Monoblock – Tubular (Wet Vented) 
ModelIndustry Reference
VoltsCapacity in Ah
Dimensions (mm)Weight
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PB12105T6 PT 8012801011051854711730817422527APView details
PB12120T6 PT 9012901151202115413434517323529APView details
PB12150T6 PT 110121141441502646816734517328538APView details
PB12167T6 PT 125121261611672947518651017522540APView details
PB12210T6 PT 160121602022103709523451321821555APView details
PB6225T3 PT 170617522526418327530APView details
PB6245T3 PT 180618024524219028529APView details
PB6260T3 PT 190619524326052113728226418327534APView details
PB6270T3 PT 210620526027055614630124219028531APView details
PB6385T3 PT 290629037038579320842931118336545APView details
PB6425T3 PT 320632040942587623047431118336550APView details
PB8210T4 PT 160816021026418327534APView details

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