Mobile Traffic Signal Batteries

With roadwork events and speed restrictions a fact of everyday life, mobile traffic signals and motion-activated signs are commonplace. Technology has moved on since the Lollipop System! BSH supplies a range of of products to suit every budget and mobile application. Power is critical for new-generation traffic signals that increasingly feature Bluetooth connections, on-board data storage capabilities, doppler queue detectors and even cellular data connectivity.

We recommend Sonnenschein gel batteries where maintenance is an issue, our exemplary Pegasus Tubular monoblocks for longevity or Pegasus flat plate monoblocks where price is key.

Wet Monobloc Batteries for Mobile Traffic Signals

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AGM/VRLA Batteries for Mobile Traffic Signals

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Gel Monobloc Batteries for Mobile Traffic Signals

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To complement our mobile traffic signal battery ranges, we supply intelligent fast charging systems to minimise offline time.

Speed sign batteries

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