Your Battery Specialists

Battery Service Hub Ltd are a leading supplier of industrial batteries and industrial battery chargers. We offer a range of traction batteries and 2 volt cells for the motive power and fleet environment. Our chargers range from standard 50 Hz units for wet batteries through to modern high frequency chargers, capable of charging large and small, wet and sealed batteries.

Our range of batteries and chargers are most suited for use with forklift trucks, cleaning machines, access platforms, electric vehicles, and many other applications where the use of high performance deep cycle battery equipment is required.

Supporters of technology we provide an extensive range of batteries for use in telecoms, UPS, standby power and solar/renewable power installations.

Green is important and so is performance, our modern sealed batteries can be used in not only solar/renewable applications, but also traditional motive power and traction environments, where the traditional wet (lead-acid) traction battery and 2 volt cell has ruled so prominently. Sealed (Gel/AGM) batteries offer great performance, long life expectancy, efficient charging profiles and are maintenance free not requiring battery topping.

We supply batteries and chargers on a sales & rental basis and we are happy to discuss volume purchases/rentals for UK and international customers. Our extensive manufacturing network means that we can ship from production line to site in one simple step.

For advice, support or further product details, please feel free to browse this website, or call our UK office on +44(0)1858 433008 and speak to one of our experienced team.

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