Remotely monitor your equipment from anywhere on any device. The Pegasus Pro+ comes with multiple connectors to ensure universal compatibility with any lead acid battery. From your mobile or desktop device, you can check usage logs, locations, alarms, temperature warning and low battery warnings from anywhere.

Pegasus Pro+

Additional information

For all battery specifications, see table below:


  • Effective visual management through dashboard technology
  • Lower maintenance costs & reduced downtime
  • Improve operational sustainability and efficiency


  • Input Voltage Range: 6-34V DC (12/24 System)
  • With MV adaptor 24V-60V | With HV adaptor 80V-140V
  • Standby Power Draw 13mA @ 12V, Transmission 100mA @12V
  • Slim Line Non Waterproof Device Dimensions: 104 x 63 x 21mm
  • Waterproof Device Dimensions: 130 x 70 x 40mm
  • Gold Plated Sensor Connectors
  • Standard SMA Antenna Plug
  • Temperature Measuring Range: -40 – +80 C
  • Temperature Probe Cable Length: 50cm
  • Temperature Probe Cable Diameter: 3.5mm
  • Power Connector Cable Length: 50cm
  • Battery Connector Terminal: 8.4mm Ring
  • Replaceable Automotive Blade Fuse
  • Silicone jacket for all sensor cables, with tinned conductors
  • 2 pin power connector – removable blade fuse
  • 4 pin GPS connector – for use with Pegasus Pro+ dongle, 0.5M, 5M, 10M Lead
  • 3 pin temperature probe connector – external temperature for comparison to internal temperature sensor
  • 4 pin connector – connect 4 switching NO circuits for monitoring or variable voltages 0-36V
  • 2 pin trigger/output connector – instant trigger notification setup and alarm/light output with relay
  • 3 pin output